The Perils attached with the use of Portable Drives


As the technology is getting advance, the devices are getting more and more mobile. In the current era, the most used portable devices are thumb drives, sleek and stylish MP3 players, and the tablet computer that gives a great facility to carry personal and professional data around. Everything has a drawback, so these technologies also. As the use of these portable devices is increasing, the risks associated with them are also getting disclosed. Use of such portable devices would likely to increase the probability of losing your data. When a piece of information gets leaked of a company or an individual, there are fair chances that the company or the person would get hit by a hacker attack.

The portable devices have two main categories, i.e. simple media devices and smart media devices. He social media devices include devices that do not have Wi-Fi facility such USB flash drives, DVD, CD and similar portable devices. The smart media devices that have WI-Fi facility and can transfer data wirelessly or without getting plugged in. It includes personal MP3 players, Tablets, some gaming players and other identical small devices. The laptops and the smart phones do also lye in the category of portable devices, but, they are totally different.

The majority of the home and business users use the simple media devices for carrying data. The majorly used simple media device is the USB flash drive. These USB flash drives are small in size but can impose bug threat to data and can make the user suffer big losses. A website regarding technology revealed that US flash drives are responsible for more than the 25 percent of the spread malware programs. The USB flash drives are plugged into the computer contain malware software start functioning automatically and make the computer infected.

These portable data storing devices also prove to be dangerous for the data security because of their small sizes. There is always a possibility that you might drop your USB flash drive in somewhere on the way to office or some other destination. Studies have revealed that a large of small data storing devices are found the in the cabs, public buses and the trains. If any USB flash drive or some other sort of portable data storing device is lost or stolen that had the confidential information, it may cause you or your company a loss of millions of Dollars.

Here are some simple and best practices that might save from suffering big losses because of a data breach through portable data storing devices. Never plug in any alien USB flash directly into your computer; it may have some malware that makes your computer infected and give a safe passage to the cyber criminals to your database. Disable the Autorun option of your computer so that you can see what program the device contains. Equip your portable memory stick with security software that can make secure USB. Keep your personal and professional data in different databases; leakage of personal data may not harm you much as compared to the professional data.


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