iPad cannot provide Security to your data!


iPad is one of the latest forms of the computer. It can perform almost all the functions that an ordinary computer can perform. It has a large storage space that enables the user to carry large amount of data. But, as it is a precious device and thieves eye it to steal; it can be dangerous for your data. As this device can carry a reasonable amount of data, when it gets stolen, the data saved in it is also on the stake of getting leaked. That is why IT experts rate it as a threat to data security and do not encourage to save confidential data in it.

The first thing you should do to protect your data from getting leaked is to opt for the built in security measure. You can go to the settings of your iPad and activate passcode. This passcode is the code that you will need to wake up the device. Enter a unique combination of four digits that is hard to guess as well as you can remember it. You can set a limit of wrong passcode entries after which the iPad shall itself delete whole data saved in it. These entries may vary; you can set up according to your need. On an average person set this limit up to ten wrong passcode entries.

Another big problem with these precious smart devices is that they are prone to get lost. Hundreds of iPads are lost every year on public places. But, with the application MobileMe, you can track the approximate location. You just need to log on in MobileMe from your computer and follow the guidelines. You may also set the passocode remotely if you have not set it before. Other than that, you can leave a message on your iPad that will be shown on your iPad’s screen without getting unlocked; the message can be ‘I have lost my iPad, so kindly contact me on this number’. The best way to make your data secure is to use security software such as Folder Lock for iPad.

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