Your Data is always at Risk of Breach—What to do?


As the modern world has brought many luxuries to our life, it has also brought some negatives. Where all the data in today’s world is kept digitally, it has created feasibility in saving data but, it has enhanced the chances of losing data. Our data is constantly bombarded with different kinds of threats. These threats may be from anywhere in the world, such as a hacker sitting in China and targeting the data of a person or a company that is resident in the United States. Hackers from China contribute more than 60 percent of the hacking incidents. Technology has made the world a global village, so there are some cons of being a global village.

Apart from hacking, the next biggest threat to data is the use of portable data storing device. The prosperity in the field of technology has made everything mobile. Like everything else, the data saved digitally has also become mobile and anyone can roam here and there carrying the data with him. But, these small portable data storing devices such as USB flash drives impose a greater threat to data. These USB drives are so small in size that taking care of them is itself a challenge. These tiny USB memory sticks are prone to getting lost and stolen. The data saved in these drives can easily be extracted out of them.

Another threat to data security is the insider employees of a company. As the employees have almost complete access to every sort of data, they can steal data and sell to the rival organization or keep it to blackmail the company. That is why IT experts advice the computer users to use Data Security Software. A data loss or data theft can harm the company or an individual big time. It can haunt you for weeks, months or even years. It is one of the most precious assets that one needs to take care of. Securing data is a necessity in the present age, there is no margin for error for carelessness.

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