The Inevitable use of computer and its Physical and Technical issues


The modern age of technology is amazing, there were never such facilities that we find were never that much common before. When you think of technology, one of the most first things that hit your mind is computer. Computer technology has probably been the fastest advanced technology. Since last 4 or 5 decades the computer technology has developed from zero to the latest laptops. The computer that once was about the size of a room, but, it can be carried now in baggy pants. The computer technology has indeed witnessed some of the best changes. The computer was considered as an accessory some time before, but, now it has become a must have thing in the home as well as at work place.

Today, almost the whole infrastructure of all the countries is based on computer. Banks, airports, railways all are operated with the help of a computer. The government’s reliance on computers for the betterment is also increasing, they have a firm believe that with the help of computer, they can serve people better. The computer technology can help the government in making better plans for the public and making better estimates for giving the better living standard to their countrymen. The use of computer has become inevitable, no matter, you are a businessman, student, a housewife you need a computer to perform your daily routine work.

Where the computer has blessed us with so many facilities, it is impossible that there are no cons along with the pros. One of the disadvantages that the computer technology has is affecting the health of computer users. Sitting in front monitor for a long period damages the eyes of the computer user and influences the eyesight of the person. Other than the eyesight issue, constantly typing on the computer makes the person prone to injuries. The injury caused by constantly performing repetitive task is a Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) that cause pain in wrist joint, finger and neck joints. The injury can get so severe that it can end the career of a person.

Other than the physical and medical issues, there are some serious technical disadvantages of the computer usage. Where a computer has given you the luxury to save data that is easy to manage and requires less space for a huge amount of data, it also threatens the data security. The database is always on the target of hackers that can steal the data from his home or workplace from any part of the world. Small portable data storing devices are also a threat to data security. There is always a fair chance of losing data because of the small size of these portable drives such as USB flash drives.

There are a variety of threats that your data face every moment, to make the data secure you have to use Data Security Software that can protect your data. A data breach can cause a lot of problems. Last year more than 30 percent of data was stolen from the companies that had employees less than a hundred. It is a clear indication that not only big organizations are at the stake of losing data, but, also smaller companies as well as the individuals are on the target of data thieves.

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