Windows Phone OS is Threatening the Big Fishes

Every decade has a particular technology at a boom. The decades of 80s to 2000, it was the boom of the computer technology. Each day of that era witnessed some kind of revolution of revolution in the field of computer technology. When that technology reached to almost the perfection, the geniuses turned their faces towards the mobile technology. Smartphone is no doubt the thing to look for. The progress that this smartphone technology is making is simply unmatched. A few years back, the cell phones were compared upon the battery backup, the games or even funnier the quality of the tunes. Isn’t it? Now, the trend has changed.

The technology regarding cell phones was revolutionized by none other than the genius Steve Jobs in 2007. The CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs introduced the world with the first Smartphone to the world that had touch screen technology in it. The mobile phone was called the iPhone. The invention took the world by surprise. After that, many companies rolled their sleeves and got ready to compete in the market of smartphones. Now, bounce over 6 years and see the world of smartphones now. We have an iPhone 5S in our hands, which is definitely far more refined and groomed than the first iPhone. But, Apple is not the sole runner in the race of mobile technology, Samsung is running right beside it, or even have a tiny bit of lead from Apple.


Although, there are competitors in the market, but, the industry is not yet near to saturation. HTC is somehow hanging in the competition, other than HTC, ZTE, Blackberry and Huwawei are companies that are producing some amazing smartphones. But, these companies are so small that they are not threatening the big fishes such as Samsung and Apple. Nokia also almost died, but, Windows Phone operating system gave it a new life. Nokia made a comeback in the ongoing competition of smartphone industry, and they are going pretty well. But, the real strength of Nokia is not its own technology, but, the Microsoft’s Operating System.

One of the core reasons of praising the Windows OS is that it has the modern user interface. Microsoft first called it the philosophy Metro, but, they dropped that when they were sued by the Metro group. The Windows Phone Operating system is quite distinct from the current available, the style of tiles on the main screen that are completely customizable are great. You can choose the colors of your tiles, the size and place according to importance. Experts rate the Windows OS as the most stable one and the easiest for technophobic people. However, the only problem that the world clearly sees with the Microsoft’s OS is the lack of applications.

But, this problem is also seems to be solved as many developers are encouraged to develop apps for the Windows Phone. One of such wonderful app is Folder Lock for Windows Phone. The app provides your data that is saved in your Windows Phone a comprehensive security. You can protect every kind of files by using this security app. As you all know data breach is a growing universal problem and smartphones are contributing big time.

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