Xbox Live achievements arrive on Android with Microsoft’s Wordament

Wordament Android

Microsoft’s popular Wordament game for Windows Phone and Windows 8 is making its way to Android. The simple word puzzle game is now available in the Google Play store at no cost and lets users play with their Xbox gamertag, as a guest, or with Facebook friends. Xbox Live users will be able to sign in and earn achievements. There’s up to 50G available in achievements for tasks as simple as completing 10 rounds.

After bringing Wordament to the iPhone with the first Xbox Live achievements for iOS, the arrival on Android signals an identical milestone. Although Microsoft has published other games on Android, this is the first time Android users can earn achievements using Xbox Live on Google’s platform. You can sign in using a Microsoft Account and the game will sync your friends, leaderboards, and support real-time play across Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS, and Android. Oddly, Microsoft isn’t syncing achievements, meaning they’re separate to the same achievements available on the Windows Phone or iOS versions.

Alongside the Wordament release for Android, Microsoft has also improved the Windows Phone 8 version. The game is now native to the platform so it no longer has the letterboxing format that old Windows Phone 7 games produced on new HD displays. The Windows Phone 8 version now also supports login via Facebook and new Norweigian and Turkish puzzle languages.



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