Some Myths and Facts Regarding Data Security

To make an effective comprehensive data security plan, you ought to understand discriminate the myths from the facts. When a common person thinks about the data security, the first thing that pop ups the mind is a hacker. In reality, that is just a myth or a misconception, the fact is that out of 100 data breach cases, almost 80 out of them is the act of some insiders. Yes, the fact is shocking. The companies, who get their database ready to fight against the fierce attacks of hackers, still remain unsuccessful in making data secure. The reason is that they do not keep check and balance on the insider threats to the data.

People believe that encrypting data means their data is now completely secure and no one access their data no matter what. But, unfortunately, that is also merely a myth. The fact is that, encryption is just a part of making data secure. No doubt that it is one of the most effective methods of securing data, but, solely it is not a complete information security. To give your records comprehensive foolproof security, it will be a good step if you use security software that can act as a File Lock. Encrypting a piece of information quite lessens the chances of getting stolen.


Another firm belief in the persons who do not have much of an expertise in the computer technology is that firewall can restrict hackers from accessing the database. However, a firewall cannot give your data reliable security. More than 40 percent of the information breaches are done by hackers after getting through from the firewall. Hackers have developed some extraordinary skills of breaking ordinary security barriers. That is why these orthodox methods of securing data cannot make your records leak proof. You have to learn more and more about the threats regarding data security. Keep yourself update with the latest happening to compete against the devilish cyber criminals.

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