Nismo Taking Over Lead Development of R36 GT-R

Since its introduction, the Nissan GT-R has grown into a monumental achievement for everyone around the Nissan community. One of the most precise and high-performing supercars ever built, at about half the price of the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the world.

But where the current GT-R shows beauty, it also shows age. The six-year-old supercar (believe it or not) hasn’t had any major updates since its introduction in 2007. It won’t be until nearly its 9th birthday (2016), that we see a fully revamped new GT-R.

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Nissan GT-R

According to reports from Motoring, development of this new and improved GT-R will be spearheaded by Nissan’s Nismodepartment. The racing and performance specialists have had its hands deep in the Nissan lineup before with cars like the 370Z, the Juke, and even the Leaf. But this will be the first time the team has a go at leadingdevelopment:

According to Nissan executive vice president Andy Palmer, “As we come to the next generation of GT-R — because that will be a brand-new vehicle — you will probably see a lead coming from Nismo and a follow coming from the passenger car company, rather than the other way around.” He continued, “So GT-R is somewhat the halo car of Nismo, so it is natural that they would lead the development of that in the future.”

Nissan GT-R 2

Of course, before we see a fresh new GT-R, Nismo is still expected to introduce a very special Godzilla monster of its own, based on the current GT-R. What some are expecting to be the fastest production GT-R to grace God’s green earth (before the R36 arrives, naturally).

Design elements and any sort of power figures have yet to be determined, but we should get a better picture of what the GT-R will entail ahead of its release in late 2015.


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