The Perks of Using Windows Phone Operating System

One of the better feelings while using Windows Phone Operating System is that you always find some new features every now and then. It can be something about an unknown camera trick from the wonderful camera of the Nokia Lumia phone that was not discovered yet, or it can be some small feature that usually makes big differences. One of the perks of using smartphone is the amazing music quality. Nokia is the main manufacturer of Windows Phones and it is quite reputed in producing phones with amazing music quality. The distinct characteristic is that you can manage the sound quality through the option of audio settings that is located in the general settings. You can even switch to the DJ mode and enable the Dolby playback that will give you the feel that no other OS offers.


There is no conflict of opinion that the identity of Windows Phone is definitely its tile style. You can make live tiles of your groups which will appear in your contacts and if you desire, you can just simply move it on your main screen as well. The group will give you the option of group chat, group email and you can also see the group members’ activities on social media. So, all the people you need to contact or want to track their social activities are just one tap away. This kind of luxury is best offered by the Windows Phone.

Another benefit of using the smartphone is the reliable data security. Merely 0.3 percent of the malware attacks take place against the Windows Phone OS, which means it is quite secure for keeping data. You can avoid even this 0.3 percent of data threat by using Folder Lock for Windows Phone. The Microsoft’s Operating System is more stable than the other two rivals i.e. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Windows Phone is the least used mobile OS at the moment, but, there are many wonderful features other than the very few mentioned above.

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