iOS 7 OR Android 4.4 OR Windows Phone 8: Which is the Best?

The world of technology is changing at a rapid pace; an evidence of that pace is the replacement of simple feature phones by smartphones. People are opting for smartphones and expecting more and more from this technology. The companies like Apple, Samsung and HTC are working hard to do something extraordinary in this technology that set them superior than the others; these brands are the elite ones. There are some manufacturers like Huawei who are looking forward to capture the lower market. But, the real competition is not really among the manufacturers of the cell phones, but, it is between the companies producing Operating Systems. The strong contenders of this war are iOS (Apple), Android (Google) and Windows Phone OS (Microsoft).

One of the deciding factors to measure the superiority of an Operating System is Interface. The interface of the latest version of iOS has a modern new look, but, still they have kept believing that simplicity is the true beauty. The latest Android version 4.4 KitKat has not made any drastic changes in their interface. Small changes such as changing the color of notification bar from conventional blue to white and some other similar changes are made. The best interface among the three is of Windows Phone 8. It has lively tiles; the interface is quite refreshing and almost completely customizable. Size, position and everything else regarding tiles can be set as per your desire.


The next characteristic that is to be compared to decide which the best in the market is is the stability and security measures of the Operating System. Experts show firm believe on the stability of Windows Phone OS as only 0.3 percent of the mal attacks against it get successful, on the other hand, the percentage is 80% and 0.7% against Android and iOS respectively. The negligible success rate against Windows Phone OS can even get lower by using Folder Lock for Windows Phone. The battle of producing better and better Operating System will continue and it will benefit the smartphone technology, moreover, it will benefit their users.

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