Online Shopping can be Hazardous for You!

When the holiday season arrives, you see the offices of travel agent getting crowded with the people that have the desire to go somewhere on a vacation trip. Parents with their children head towards the travel agents in search of the best deal that is economic and classic. The same search is held from the home by a huge number of people through their rapid functioning laptops, tablets or even smartphones when sitting on their comfortable sofas. People that are reluctant to leave their home and drive to the agents with their kids prefer to search the finest deal on the web. As the Christmas is getting closer, there will be deals regarding holidays and festival shopping deal will go up on the internet.

Cyber criminals are well aware of the fact that there are many people who do not like to get the holiday deal physically, but, desire to find it online. That is why; there were nearly 260,000 cases of cyber crimes were registered last year. The average cost per scam was almost $4,500, and the majority of the cases were the outcome of online shopping and booking. The e-crooks are active throughout the year, but, they get extremely active during the holiday season. The internet scams are getting organized day by day and difficult to avoid for the innocent users. So what can an online shopper do to avoid such scams?


The first advice that cyber security experts give to the users is to avoid using public Wi-fi connection. It is a piece of cake for the user to get a safe passage to your database via a public hotspot connection. IT experts even say that it is not safe to use social media websites as the username and password can be extracted by the hackers. You can imagine how risky it can be to shop online by using an unsecure hotspot connection. Credit card is somehow safer than the debit card as the fake transaction from the credit card can be stopped. Other than that always use the secure https link as it can provide some reasonable security.

BBB is the logo of the Better Business Bureau; it is the evidence that the site on which you are using for shopping is safe. The scammers also use this logo on their malware website. However, the difference between the fake and real logo is that, when you click the real logo in will carry you to the reliability report, whereas, if you click on the fake one, it will do nothing. There are also incidents of data breaches through the same techniques; so, using software that can act as File Lock can help you to keep your data protected.

The hackers are getting advance every day, they are learning new techniques and working hard to tackle the latest security barriers. The computer users that are interested in activities like online shopping need to be aware of the latest hacking techniques. Use anti malware programs and take precautions that are recommended by the data security experts. Enjoy your holiday and online shopping; don’t let the crooks to ruin your fun.

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