Strengthen up Your Data Security NOW!

The giants such as Google, Yahoo, Linked in and Wyndham hotels have faced data breach issues in the past couple of years. The fact is unhidden from anybody that the data security issues are increasing. Not too long ago, LivingSocial a daily dealing website leaked data of nearly 50 million users. A month later, Yahoo Japan revealed to their users that a cyber attack has extracted out the IDs of almost 22 million users. The climbing trend of data breaches has imposed threat to the financial sector, healthcare sector and even defense sector. The Even more concerning situation is that the victim of data breach remains unaware of the trouble that he has stuck into.

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The common person that has compromised his delicate records such as financial information, creative work or any similar data gets to know about that when it gets too late to recover. Identity theft is extremely common in data breach incidents. The user can be at the fault of getting his identity stolen by using an unsecured wi-fi connection to enter his ID and accessing data. Any company that has asked the information about the customer may also be responsible for losing identity as LivingSocial did. You will be surprised and moreover terrorized to know that in the last 5 years, there have been more than 78,000 incidents of information leakage from the healthcare sector solely in the United States.

Giant organizations are improving their security by using latest hi tech methods; you need to secure your data at your end too. Hackers are looking for fruit that is low hanging and they find it in your database, use software that can Lock Folders is a good idea of data security. The horrifying reality of data breach is that it does not make you suffer the whole loss at once; it might haunt you for days, month or even years. So, be wise, stay safe, keep your data secure and avoid heavy losses.

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