The Advantages and Disadvantages of BYOD

Businesses are looking to get the best out of their employees by giving them the best possible comfort and spending as less as possible. To serve the purpose, companies use to put forward different policies that can boost the output of their workers. One of these latest policies that businesses have adopted is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), as the name suggests, it is regarding bringing the own devices to perform official tasks. One of the reasons for going for this principle is to save thousands of Dollars.  If a company has about 500 employees, allowing those workers to bring their own devices can save up to almost $300,000 as companies will not have to provide them gadgets to do the official work.


A survey conducted by Cisco in 2012 revealed that 95 percent out of 600 organizations that had more than a thousand employees believe in the principle of BYOD. But, this principle is not totally a blessing; it imposes big risks to data security. The majority of employees that bring their own devices have not enough security measures to protect data. If you use data security software that can not only Lock Folders that are saved in your computer, but, can also secure portable drives such as USB flash drive. Employees are prone to lose their personal data storing drives such USB drives, tablets or smartphones, these incidents put a company in some big troubles.

Along with the risks that this principle imposes to the company’s data security, BYOD has a number of benefits. Where it helps the companies to save some handsome amount of revenue, it also assists the workers to increase their output as they feel more comfortable with working on the familiar devices. There absolutely nothing in the world merely has disadvantages or has just advantages. Where a commodity gives you a number of benefits, it will definitely have some real drawbacks. So, businesses have to weigh the pros and cons and opt for the one that is more beneficial for the business.

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