Hackers are Far More Clever than You Think

To understand hacker’s attack is not that simple, they do not only one technique at once to access the data, a variety of techniques are used by the hackers to get their way through to the database. In order to prevent your data from getting leaked, you need to set up strong security barriers that can keep those brainy hackers away from your database. You will be astonished to know that your Wi-fi connection may work as an opening for the hackers to the place where you have kept your data. There are a number of different hacking techniques that the e-crooks use to extract the confidential data out of the database.

Diverse Hacker Attack

The image that a common man form in his mind when he hears about hacker is a geek devil sitting in a dark room in front of a computer wearing headphones with a drink on his table and a large packet of chips from which he is taking a fistful of chips and stuffing in his mouth. He is tracking innocent people who can be bullied easily and can benefit him without much of a danger. The quality to become a hacker is definitely the in depth knowledge of computer, however, it is not everything that is required to become a hacker. You need to know how to react at times and react like a human rather than a script fed robot. That is the reason why people do not realize that the person with whom they are chatting is a hacker who is mimicking as a common innocent person.

The hacker may act as a company’s employee in which you have invested or a website administrator on which you have registered, he may ask you that they have updated the website or some records so they need to ensure your ID and password, and many people fell into this web and become their victim easily.


Password Extraction

The simplest of ways to break into the database for hackers is to enter the correct password. In actual fact, sometimes it is the only way to for hackers especially if a person is using security software that can Lock Folders . Regarding the data theft issue, companies do not allow free access to the employees to their data from home, and they need VPN to access data or to perform the official tasks. VPN needs proper configuration by an IT expert on the computer that will be used for such work. Hackers are well aware of the latest trend and they are master is exploiting such loopholes. A cyber criminal can act as an employee who use VPN to access data from home and ask the IT experts through some hidden source to provide him the required configuration to operate VPN. It is surprising that many companies have suffered heavy losses through this very technique.

The hackers have a number of techniques that they apply as per the situation and need. They may blend these tactics well and fool the companies that are known as IT giants as many of the hackers have done so in the past. It is almost impossible for a technology freak to meet the standards of the professional hackers and make their data secure. The best way to avoid their attacks is to take precautions and quit the bad practices that are pointed out by the data security experts several of times.

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