The 2013 Holiday Season: Mobile Retail Aspects

The end of each year is generally considered the busiest time for marketers , advertisers and retailers. With the Holiday season being, naturally, exceptionally promising in terms of its potential profitability, most companies focus their efforts on the maximization of their generated revenue in all sectors.

Undoubtedly, mobile shoppers have become the most fastidious audience segment in e-commerce these days. With the total volume of mobile traffic having grown up to 10 times within the past years, a lot of online retailers still fail to monetize their mobile visitors. These are today especially picky, given the amount of supply in all market niches is currently impressive. Such discouraging trend forces businesses to put their time and efforts into the upgrade of their mobile pages along with their mobile-specific marketing and advertising strategies before the Holiday season.


The most recommended techniques, aimed at the increase of companies’ sales rates on mobile, generally presuppose two major aspects: mobile webpage user experience and mobile advertising.

User Experience on Mobile Sites

As for mobile webpage user experience, most consumers value the page availability, its load speed and the usability of its interface (easy-to-use navigation, precise product information and an ability to make a purchase fast) during the Holiday season, in the first place.

Therefore, it’s primarily advised to ensure the website is displayed well on all devices, including the newly-introduced models of smartphones and tablets. This gets easier, if a mobile site has got the hybrid responsive design. Additionally, it’s also useful to “lighten” the page via reducing the amount of animated and flash content, minifying the page elements and using the URI schemes to make it load faster.

As for limitations of mobile content, these should presuppose the reduction of unnecessary product information, which frequently makes it hard to find what a visitor has been searching for.

Mobile Advertising

According to conducted research, the carefully prepared mobile ad campaigns during the Holiday season can definitely increase the volume of mobile traffic to an m-commerce portal, of course, if an e-retailer targets the right audience and applies an array of campaign optimization options, usually provided by a mobile ad server.

According to Mr. Anton Ruin from Epom mobile ad serving company, a mobile ad server should, obviously, comprise a range of mobile-specific features and capabilities, e.g. mobile-specific targeting, and allow serving ads across various devices easily.

In a whole, the Holiday season may be considered somewhat an indicator of whether a company has taken the right approach in mobile commerce. Either it has or not, the received revenue will speak for itself.


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