Folder Lock is a Must Have Data Security Software

As the use of computer has become essential for everyday work, whether it is regarding business, college assignments or some work as a hobby, the data security has also become significant to maintain. Threats like hackers and other crooks always look to attack your database to steal your data and can make you suffer big losses. The loss due to data breach is the one that keeps the victim haunting for weeks, months or even years. In the fast moving world, the computer users need comprehensive security software that can act as digital File Lock and is easy to use and offers maximum security measures. The following features set this security software class apart from the other similar data protection applications.folderlock-7_boxshot


Lock and Hide Files

Folder Lock allows the user to lock and hide files with ease, you just need to drag the files and drop it in the Folder Lock to secure it under password protection. When you set up the password, the application will show you the strength of your password. To avoid being caught due to the keystrokes, there is a virtual keyboard given in the program from where you can type your password with no risk of getting your ID and password leaked.

File Encryption

The information security program offers you the fastest encryption i.e. 256-bit on-the-fly. The encrypted lockers are dynamic in size that means it does not matter what amount of data you are encrypting. When you first create a locker, it will be small in size; however, the size of lockers automatically increases as the amount of the data that is saved in those lockers increases. Folder Lock is the only data security software available at the moment that offers such dynamic digital lockers to make your records secure.

The Cloud Facility

By using Folder Lock you can upload the encrypted lockers on the cloud server. The fantastic thing is that, you do not need to update your backup every time, as the changes you will make in your data saved in the lockers will automatically be synched.

Protects Portable Drives

Folder Lock is more than handy data security software as it does not only protect information saved in your computer, but, you can also copy encrypted lockers in your portable drives. By enabling the feature ‘protect USB drive’ you can secure your USB flash drive and other external drives.

Secured Wallets

The fact is not hidden from anyone that hackers try to extract out financial information so that they can earn some money easily. Losing credit card and debit card numbers are easy and also quite hazardous. With Folder Lock you can secure the sensitive information such as credit card numbers and similar information in the secure wallets of the software.

Clean History

With the feature ‘Clean History’ you can remove all the traces of computer usage whether online or offline. Moreover, Folder Lock offers you ‘Shred Files’ that can delete your data in a manner that it can never be discovered whatsoever.

My advice to all the computer users out there is that Folder Lock is a must have data security software. Literally speaking, it is not just an application; it is a comprehensive data security solution that can give reliable data security.

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