The Yummy Features of the Android KitKat

The Android has always tried something new, whether it is regarding its mouth watering name, unpredictable version sequence or interesting features. The tradition has not been changed in the latest version of the Operating System. Google has chosen the name of the yummiest chocolate i.e. KitKat for their latest version, where it was anticipated that the new edition of the OS would be 5.0, it eventually came as 4.4, and also it has some amazing features that will take the world by surprise. Some of those distinct features are discussed below.


OK Google

OK Google is a distinct and quite an astonishing feature that is introduced in the latest version of the Android OS. In the previous edition of the Google’s OS, you need to touch the screen to perform different tasks such as sending a text, play video, conduct search and etc. Android has given the luxury of not even touching the screen to lazy human being of this modern world. You just to need speak to perform several tasks, for example; if you want to play a soccer video you need to speak “OK Google, play Beckham’s top ten goals” and your Android KitKat device will play that video.

The Caller ID feature

Android has revolutionized the concept of caller ID in their latest version of the Android. There is a large majority of people who feel reluctant to answer a call from an unknown number. Google has done a remarkable job in this field, when your Android smartphone will receive a call from some stranger number, the Google will retrieve the caller’s location using the Google Map. It will help you to recognize whether the caller is someone beloved or a stranger. This feature can also help in reducing the rate of crimes that are done by using a cell phone.

Screen Recording

Google has a habit of keeping all their users happy. And it is not surprising that Google has not quit that habit in their latest version of the Operating system. The latest version of Android is equipped with the feature of screen recording, means that you can record the video of how you have used the device. The feature is extremely useful for developers and other people who want to make some sort of tutorials for the users.

The latest edition of the Google’s Operating System has some really innovative features that no other Operating System offers. But, still, the question that bothers many of the IT professionals is that is the most recent edition of Android i.e. Android KitKat 4.4 safe enough to keep data. As you know that your Android device is prone to data leakage, will this problem be solved in the latest version? Well, it is always better to play safe, acting upon the principle, the use of Folder Lock for Android is quite necessary. Otherwise, the taste of sweet KitKat can result in a bitter experience. Google always comes up with brilliant ideas, as nothing in the world is perfect, so, Google’s OS is also not yet near to perfect. So be smart and keep yourself secure and enjoy the amazing experience of KitKat.

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