How to Lock a Folder

There can be a variety of data that you do not anyone to see. It could be some private pictures, personal videos, confidential documents, financial credential or anything else. A small incident of data breach can make you suffer loss more than you can imagine, and the loss due to data leakage is so painful that it keeps you haunting for days, weeks, months or even years. Some incidents have been reported in which not much sensitive data got leaked, but, the loss was estimated to be in the millions. So for the sake of your data’s security and to keep yourself financially secured, you need to protect your data. There are different techniques of locking your sensitive folder locked; some of the common techniques are given below.

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One of the easiest and most commonly used methods of locking data is called cmd method. You first have to click the start button and type “cmd” in run. You will see a command prompt on your screen, then type “CD C: Folder” (Substitute “Folder” with the original folder name that you want to hide). Afterwards, you have to further type “attrib Folder +s +h” (Once again you need to substitute the word “Folder” with the actual folder name). The process has hidden your file and you will not find it when you look for it in your C drive. It cannot be found with orthodox searches, you need to go back to your command prompt window and type “CD C: Folder” (once again the word “Folder” is supposed to get replaced), then type “attrib Folder –s –h” (replace “Folder” with the original file name”. Here you go; you can see your folder now.

But, the problem with this technique is that it can only hide your folder, cannot provide it much needed protection. However, there are techniques that require a reasonable amount of expertise in computer. There are complex techniques, long codes and specific patterns that you need to memorize. After doing so much hard work in locking your folder, a cyber criminal simply attacks your database and hacks your locked folder with ease. E-crooks have extraordinary skills in computer and they know these sorts of techniques pretty well. So, the multifaceted steps to lock a folder end in the favor of the hackers that attacked you.

In order to make sure your data never gets leaked and you can enjoy the precious peace of mind, you should opt for security software that can Lock Folders with ease. These kinds of software are really a blessing that keeps your data protected from the attacks of those online devilish geniuses that invest all their capabilities and wisdom in the wrong direction. Data breach incidents are extremely expensive and can lead you towards some mighty losses. So keep your data safe and take precautions regarding data security, so that you do not have to regret that in the future.

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