Are the Companies Loyal to Their Customers?

A company’s basic motive is to earn profits; usually companies do not really care much about their customers. The products that they prepare to sell not to facilitate people, but, to make people buy through they can maximize their profit. Experts say that people do not buy what they intend to buy, but, they buy what the producers want to sell them. One of the basic weapons to attract customers is marketing and the core purpose of marketing is to attack on the weak point of people that make them purchase the good. A good marketing strategy makes people believe that the product is the only sole solution of their problems.


Companies show off as their goal is just to help people out and they are nothing less than a blessing for their customers. The marketing strategists of the companies are very well aware of the fact that humankind is quite emotional and they take advantage of these emotions. These marketing strategies are amazingly effective, but, at the same time somewhat unethical. There are also organizations like New that literally think and care about their customers. Usually, customers are ones that are loyal to a company, but, it is hard to find a company that is loyal to its customers.

New has just put forward an example of such loyalty with their customers when the company made two of its reliable and moreover profitable products History Clean and Macro Keys absolutely free forever on their 12th anniversary. History Clean is a known name in the software market, you can easily clean your browsing and computer usage history with merely a single click, and you can even automate the cleaning of your computer’s history. Whereas, Macro Keys can automate your nerve cracking repetitive tasks by providing the facility of unlimited short keys as per your desire. Both the products are miraculous and New has really proven that how much they care about their customers.

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