The Right Way to Plan Your New Year’s Resolution

Not much long ago, you all were getting crazy about the start of 2013 and was hoping that the last sunset of 2012 will take all your difficulties and worries along with it. Let’s take a look back in the last days of the past year, you would have been sitting with a writing pad and a pen in hand and making a list of New Year’s resolutions longer than your grocery list. The paper on which you wrote all those resolutions would have been somewhere dumped in garbage and the long list you made must have been blurred by now. The current year of 2013 is about to end in a span of a couple of days, you are probably going to replay the scene of making of New Year’s resolution of the last year and those resolutions may again end up in some garbage can. So, here are some strategies through which you can set up New Year’s resolutions effectively.

Number of Resolutions

There should not be a long list of resolutions. You ought to make 2 to 3 resolutions on which you can actually act upon. People tend to make dozens of resolutions and start quitting on resolution each day and at the end of January they return to their original living styles.


Goals should be Specific rather than Ambiguous

In order to solve any problem, you ought to know what are the problems and the specific solutions through which they can be solved. The majority of the people use to make resolutions such as they will protect their data. They do not know what risks their data, they neither know how to do it. Rather than making such a vague resolution, you should decide something like “I will protect my data using Folder Lock onwards”. That makes sense, now you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve.

Be Realistic

Resolutions such as becoming a famous singer, writing a bestselling book or to invent a new gadget cannot be more than just a fantasy. To be honest, making such resolution without any base is just like living in the fool’s paradise.

Lack of Deadlines

People make resolutions, but, they really do not decide till when they have to achieve their landmark. When you do not push yourself against time, you get lethargic and never really try to get to the goal you have decided. Mostly, people who do not plan a timeline, they usually keep pending their tasks and at the end of the year they find that they really do not act as per their resolution.

Talking about New Year’s resolution, more than 45 percent of the Americans tend to make resolutions regularly and nearly 17 percent of the Americans are those that some years make resolutions and some years they do not. Even more interesting fact is that the people that make resolution, 25 percent of them quit them in the first week of making them, 29 percent leaves them in the second week, about 36 percent put down resolutions in the fourth week and just 46 percent of the people stick to their resolutions after 6 weeks. The main reasons that people do not follow their New Year’s resolutions are the same that are mentioned above.

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