What is going to Happen in the Tech World in 2014?

The world is just about to see the last sunset of 2013 and hoping that the New Year will bring loads of joys and luck for them. When a year comes to its end, astrologists, tello card readers and pundits get into action predicting how will be the new year for different celebrities and common people. Well, to be honest, I am neither an astrologist nor a pundit, yet I am going to make some predictions just based on my observations about technology. So below are some of the predictions for the next 365 days regarding tech world.

Downfall of Mobile Versions of Websites

As it has been a tradition that New Year always brings some new trends with it and outdated the old ones. So, according to me 2014 will be the downfall for the sites that use different versions on mobile and on the computer. As the trend suggests, any sites that have URLs like “mobile.abcd.com or m.abcd.com” will be considered as creepy. The way smartphone industry is progressing, the users want to enjoy the same experience using any website that on their smartphone as they feel it when they use it on their computers.

Smartwatches are going to be Flop

There were really some gossips regarding the new gadget in town, which was smartwatch. Samsung and Pebble both made smartwatch that somewhat raised the eyebrows of many people. Google has also jumped into the competition of making the best smartwatch so as Apple. There will be an Android watch and iOS watch (most probably iWatch) will be in the market. But, the competition of making smartwatches will not be as fierce as it is in the making of best smartphone.


Google Glass Era

In 2013, when Google first introduced Google Glass, tech experts and analysis took a good look at it and could not criticize it much and the first stock of Google Glass was sold like hot cakes. Google has been planning to inject another stock into the market and the experts have already predicted that more than 0.8 million units will be sold in 2014 and expect the number of selling units to reach 21 million by 2018. Google Glass is definitely a new thing to people and give them a feeling of being James Bond or some unreal character. There is no doubt that Google Glass is the next big thing.

Instagram will get the Throne

Facebook has been the ruling social media website since it was first introduced. In the span of almost a decade Facebook has never been threatened to lose its top spot. However, 2014 can be the year in which Facebook might lose its ratings a bit and Instagram the throne. Many people expected that Twitter was the only social network that could beat Facebook, but, the way Instagram is getting popular, it can be the new sensation.

Data Breach Trend

In the past few years, the world has witnessed the rapidly increasing trend of data breach incidents. Most probably, the fashion of data breach is not going to change much, so using Folder Lock for Android is the app that can help you secure your data.

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