USB Drive—A Blessing that needs to be Handled Carefully

USB drive has outdated all the older data storing devices such as floppy drives, CDs, DVDs and others. As USB flash drives have a number of uses for common computers as well as for the IT experts. Before the introduction of jump drive, computer users always faced a problem of carrying large files with him or her. However, the small data storing device have completely solved this issue as you can easily carry huge amount of data with you and access it from any computer without worrying about the compatibility. For the corporate use, there is a big benefit for employees as employees can carry data at home and work on it as per their convenience.

The biggest advantage of USB stick is its small size and immense capability of carrying data. However, this quality of this small portable data storing device is also its biggest advantage. As these drives are as small as a nail of a human thumb, these drives are very much prone to getting lost or stolen. As there is only negligible built in data security measures, flash drives usually spit out all the data saved in them. To protect your data in a pen drive, you ought to use USB security software.


Hackers also use these data storing devices to spread malware as a large majority of computer users tend to plug in these drives into their computer without even thinking that whether it is safe to plug it in or not. In result, these USB drives infect thousands of computers every year. Where there are thousands of uses of USB pen drive, there are some huge data security threats that it imposes on your data. Such as data theft, you must have heard about the incident of NSA where Edward Snowden, an employee of the CIA and NSA compromised sensitive data. He was just equipped with an ordinary USB drive that he used to steal information.

USB stick has a number of benefits, but, there is not a single thing in the world that has advantages without disadvantages. USB flash drive has a number of advantages that is why it has replaced all the older portable drives and is used widely all around the globe.

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