Your Data Saved in USB Flash Drive is at BIG Risk

The risk with the USB flash drive is so deadly that computer users that use tiny data storing drive to store data cannot sleep because of the fear of losing data. The government also sense the huge perils of USB flash drive, that is why the Department of Defense (DoD) banned the use of all kinds of portable drives for a long time of about two years. But, even when the ban is lifted, there are many restrictions on the use of portable data storing devices. Under the new rule of the department, only the authorized persons are entitled to use portable drives.


Having a number of disadvantages of using small data storing devices, there are millions of advantages of using these portable drives. These tiny USB sticks are inexpensive and probably the best medium to carry data around. That is why; law and order agencies prefer to use USB flash drives for the purpose to transfer data, especially in the places where it is not easy to carry data around. These small detachable drives are extremely handy, but, they impose huge threats to data, you can imagine if a tiny USB stick is lost that has some confidential information, how much it will hurt the country. Using USB security software is beneficial for you to avoid losses.

USB drives are considered to be a blessing by computer users around the globe as these jump drives allows them to carry data with them easily. But, IT experts do not rate these small portable data storing devices as blessings, Karen Scarfone, a computer scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s computer security division, says These flash drives “have become ubiquitous”, further he added “I think users tend to think of them as harmless. They don’t understand the security risks of using those devices.” Users need to understand that the data saved in USB sticks are as totally insecure and can be extracted out easily.

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