Data Security: A matter worth fretting about

Since the advent of computers and the internet, the dynamics of how we share and store information has changed – both in good and bad ways.   Today, your personal information is venerable – whether you knew it or not – there is always someone who would like to get their hands on your personal details. Statistics show that 4 out 1 user never secure their personal information on their PCs – this statistic is quite alarming – and certainly – without a doubt – is a big contributor to theft of data.


Did you know that someone can steal your data without actually having physical access to your PC? It’s true.  Someone – even at this very moment – can be connected to your PC via your WIFI connection without you ever knowing about it. Regardless, of what type of WIFI security you have on your network – hackers can bypass these security measures by using sophisticated hacking software.  Before you know it, your identity is being stolen right under your nose. So, what can you do to protect yourself from such incidents? Well, according to data security strategist, Ian Murphy, who works for New Software’s, sensitive data such as bank statements, copies of social security numbers, residential address and other sensitive information should be encrypted and password-protected. Quite often, folks tend to leave their receptive information out in the open — without realizing the dire consequences of their naïve actions.  Murphy recommends that all inclusive data security software should be utilized which can offer the user maximum protection from data theft – this software sort of act like a virtual Folder Locker — preventing others from accessing your data.   Most all-inclusive data security software also have a built in secure cloud storage capabilities – though the user has to sign up for the service.  However, those who believe they are at risk of being targeted for their data can certainly protect themselves by utilizing such software.

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