Your Friend has Died, Click the Link for Funeral Details—Scam!

Hackers have had a tradition of sending thousands of people an email for the purpose to make them a victim of fraud. The email is about some lottery prize or special discount offer from a well known brand. The email usually contains a link that hackers ask people to click and become their victim. This link gives those e-criminals a safe passage to their database. The majority of the people are quite aware of such types of email scams so they avoid clicking or even reading those emails. A very low percentage of people now fall into hackers’ trap through this technique.

But, the recent technique that hackers have opted for is unique and very astonishing. They were fully aware that their old techniques are not bullying people anymore. First, they were exploiting the greediness of humankind, now they have switched to the emotion of sadness, depression, sympathy and astonishment by sending emails of a funeral. Recently, many people received an email with the name of Eubank funeral home that had an invitation that your friend has died and you are invited to the celebrations of services of your friend that he did in his life.


The email contains a link that is asked to be clicked in order to get details about the ceremony. The link drives the user to a foreign domain that downloads a malware on the user’s computer. This software gives hackers a breakthrough to the database from where they can steal passwords, financial information and other sensitive records. In order to prevent yourself from any such scam, the best way is to encrypt your data by using Data Encryption Software. The techniques of hackers will improve day by day and it will get worse for you. So, beware from the latest trends and techniques and keep yourself safe against these online criminals.

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