Basic Principles that can Secure Your Data

Almost 40 years back from today, Jerry Saltzer and Michael Schroeder published a paper titled “The Protection of Information in Computer Systems” about data security. The things that they wrote back in 1975 seem to be completely applicable in the current era of technology. Here you are given with some of the best principles of data security that can surely help you in making your information secure.

Make the Weakest Link Protected

Gene Spafford (Spaf), teacher of Purdue University teaches this principle in a funny manner. He gives an example of transporting some gold from a homeless guy who lives in a bench of a park to another homeless girl that lives across the park. There is an armored truck appointed to perform the transportation. Now, if you have to steal the gold, which will be the best point of attack, the homeless guy, the homeless girl or the armored truck? The answer is not so difficult, either you will attack the homeless guy or the girl, but surely you will not attack the armored truck.

Here the armored truck is pointing towards the encrypted data that you can send and the homeless guy and the girl are illustrated as users with no data security. You should opt for data security software such as Folder Lock free – that’s right, it can be downloaded for free. It allows you to send encrypted data via emails and other e-sharing tools.


Opt for Layers of Security

There is a basic perception that two are better than one and three is better than two. You should not count the number of firewalls you set for your data security; you should try to set as many firewalls as you can. Setting more than one firewalls will make your security multi-layered, you cannot suppose that all the malicious traffic can be stopped by a single firewall, but if you have more than one, every layer will be able to stop some viruses and in the end it will benefit you big time.

Give Limited Access

If you have to give access to any other user to your data, grant as least access as possible. As in Outlook, you can give only read only access to someone that does not allow any sort of editing. The thing you must always keep in mind that you cannot trust anybody regarding your confidential information. But, if you are more concern about your data’s security, you should not give any sort of access to any unwanted or unauthorized person to see your data.

Never get satisfied that Your Secrets are completely secured

Security is never obvious, especially if you have secrets secured in shape of codes. A computer user having expertise may be able to extract out the secret of the code. However, if a hacker attacks those codes, he or she has quite bright chances of decoding the secret as they have sophisticated tools to do so. Their toolkit may include tools that can decompile codes, disassemble them and number of analysis tools. So be careful even if you have some codes that you think can protect your secret information.

The above were some of the basic principle that you can go for securing your data. These are neither too expensive nor too complex, so you do not need much of an investment for data security and the basic knowledge of computer can also help your cause.

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