The Aim of Malicious Apps is NOT just to Annoy User, But, to Steal his/her Data

If you have a smartphone for the past one year that has Android as its Operating System, you might have downloaded and used a hundred apps. You might be 100% satisfied that all the apps you have downloaded were fully secured and did not have any element of infection as you got them from Google Play. But, you will be shocked or probably a bit bothered to hear that your smartphone may have faced some real threats. The interesting and horrifying fact is that the modern malicious programs are not designed just to annoy the user by infecting his/her computer or mobile phone. But, the modern infectious programs are engineered for a particular goal that is to steal data.

You might be surprised to know that almost 28 percent of the malicious apps collect all the information about the device information and the user data that even includes bank account details. The information facilitates the devilish programmers to plan more attacks on that device, keeping in view the loopholes in the configuration of the device. The greater concern is that that is not so common is that the infectious codes gathers all the information as you are logging in for e-banking, to pay bills, to socialize or to donate

Almost 25 percent of the malicious apps track the user down. These apps can track your location, your text messages, phone calls or even pictures. But, you should not be surprised by the fact, as many non-malicious apps do the same even with your permission. How many times did you bother to read the message that an app shows about taking your information that you just tap “OK” button without even giving a second thought? You just thought that tapping the “OK” button is compulsory to take the full use of the app. You let those apps to track all your information yourself.

The third type of fiercest mobile threat sends your data via SMS to some premium quality sites. The percentage of such infections is as high as 24 percent. The information can be used to make your Android phone a relay to reach your address book and take out the information from there. They have some techniques through which they can harm you financially.


The attacks on your data have not just increased, but, also have become sophisticated. The programmers of such codes have learned the art to fool your antivirus apps and other security programs. They do not send you all the contagious code for once; they keep updating their prone-to-virus apps and send these codes in parts. That is why, you should not go for every security app to secure data, go for the one that is well known and reliable such as Folder Lock for Android as it has well reputed apps for Windows Phone and iPhone. Moreover, Folder Lock for desktop is the number one encryption software available at the moment. The situation of data security is not going to be better in the upcoming years, it is anticipated that the scenario is just going to be worse in the forthcoming years.

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