Nokia’s Android Smartphones will Benefit Both Google and Nokia

The craze of using smartphones is not facing any sort of downfall, neither the companies associated with the business of smartphone such Google, iOS or Microsoft is giving up enhancing the technology. The competition of the being the best smartphone Operating System among Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS is getting fiercer and fiercer. However, Android is maintaining the lead for the last couple of years.First, Android was enjoying the reliability and amazing functions of Samsung, HTC and many other smartphone producers that were using Android as their OS. But, now, Android position is likely to get even stronger as Nokia has announced to introduce a series of smartphone based on Google’s OS i.e. Android.


Android is no doubt getting better and better day by day and its popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds. However, the problem that Android Operating System faces is that its security measures to secure data are miserable. More than 80 percent of the hack attempts against Android OS end in success. The Google’s Operating System gives its users a sense of insecurity, however, if you use Folder Lock for Android, you will feel your data to be secure and you can enjoy the blessings of Android even more.

The new Nokia X series that is using Android OS is quite affordable as its handsets range from $89 to $109. The differentiating characteristic of Nokia’s Android smartphones is that, its body is similar to the Windows Phone OS phones with similar bold colors and plastic body. The Android interface has also been modified and the same style of tiles has been used in Nokia’s X series that is identical to Nokia Lumia and other smartphones that use Windows Phone OS. The step that Nokia has taken will definitely benefit Android as well as to Nokia itself. Nokia has been a reliable company for cell phone users over the past many years, once can expect that their Android smartphones will also be sold as hot cakes.

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