Password Protect Folders—The Key to Data Security

Password Protect Folders – A Brief Introduction!

All the business persons and the individual computer users are exposed to the huge threat of data breach. No matter if you are a student, a housewife, an employee or a business owner, you need to password protect your folders in order to maintain your data’s security. Businesses are more likely to hit by an event of a data breach as they have important information that can benefit their rivals, hackers and other people. Apart from hackers, there is another huge threat to business. Their data is in danger due to the employees of the company.

The biggest risk imposed to companies’ data is due to the modern principle BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to facilitate workers. The principle can enhance the performance of a company’s workers, but, it also imposes risks to a company’s data. Knowing the fact that how destructive this principle of BYOD can be for the company’s information security, more than 60 percent of the companies still do not have any sort of BYOD policy to enforce. That means they do not have any sort of security measures like password protecting folders to tackle the threat of BYOD principle’s peril.

password protect folders

password protect folders

Statistics tell that nearly 80 percent of the organizations accept that they have not created any kind of awareness in their employees regarding the hazards of BYOD. The employees of the companies are not educated concerning how to use BYOD principle effective and carefully. Otherwise, this modern principle can be devastating and can cause a company some huge losses. Companies do not tend to use data security measures that can Password Protect Folders that can provide their sensitive records respectable security. If a company leaks their marketing plan, financial records, clients’ information or similar data, it can cause them the loss of goodwill as well as the financial loss.

There is also an enormous problem of discrimination; there are nearly 40 percent of the companies that have BYOD policy in place. But, out of those 40 percent companies, about 25 percent of the companies do not bind the executive personals to follow those policies, which is just miserable. A matter of fact is that an unsecured USB flash drive, smartphone, tablet or laptop of an executive personal is as vulnerable to data security threats as any gadget of an intern. Even, the executive people of companies seem to have more sensitive information than a worker of lower staff can have in his/her device.

BYOD is a widely used principle these days, but, still, there are about one-third of the companies that are against this principle and discourage the use of employees’ own devices to perform tasks. Their step of not opting for BYOD principle seems to be quite unrealistic these days, but, they are securing their data that can save them from facing real heavy losses. If a company wants to allow its employees to use their own devices, they should password protect folders, so that, no employee can steal information and carry it out of the company. If employees will not have any sensitive business records in their devices, the company will not have to worry about their data’s security.

Password Protect Folders- Summary :

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