Folder Lock App Strengthens Android’s Security

The Google’s Operating System is quite customizable; the open nature of Android may enhance the usability experience, but, researches have shown that it weakens up its security. In that case the security of your data saved in your Android smartphone can be maintained by using the Folder Lock app. The researches have proved that these amendments in Android OS make it an easy target for, a study conducted by the North Carolina State University revealed that about 60 percent of the security imperfections that uncovered in the Android smartphones of different companies were a result of altering the Android OS.

The members of that research team felt that companies are more concerned regarding introducing the latest features in the market and ignoring the security deficiencies those features are causing. To know the core reasons of such security vulnerabilities, the research team of North Carolina State University first categorized the apps in Android Operating System in three categories. The first category of apps included the ones that came directly from Google’s Android open source project, the second division had the apps that manufacturers customized and the third group were the apps engineered by the third party programmers.


After categorizing the apps, the research team dived in the information that each category of those apps required to function. They found that apps like Folder Lock app that does not require much of personal information are safe enough as they do not put your data at stake. However, on the other hand, apps that ask for your personal information more expose your data like username, social security number, credit cards and bank account number on the risk of getting breach. The research team found that the apps that were added in the Google’s OS by the manufacturers ask for users’ personal information more than they actually required to operate. The apps that are added in the Operating System as a result of customization impose more threat to your records than the apps programmed by the outside programmers.

The researchers also observed some apps that take out the personal information of the user without even asking for the permission, the user has no idea that his or her personal records have been extracted out and can be in danger of getting leaked. Whereas, there is extremely safe and reliable app like Folder Lock app available in the market that does not ask for your personal data for mal purposed, in fact it provides your information reliable data security and strengthens up Android’s security. The researchers revealed something really astonishing that almost 65 and 85 percent of the security flaws are on the leading Android manufacturers i.e. Samsung, HTC and LG Android phones.

Sony is comparatively safe as it has 38 percent of the 16 weaknesses in their customized Android phones. The famous Samsung Galaxy S3’s customized unlocking screen has caused some security issues with it. All in all, the research found that any sort of amendment in the Android Operating System weakens its security, Android itself is not prone to leaking data, but, the manufacturers’ customization makes it an easy target for the data thieves.


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