The Role of Secret Recipes in Success

Keeping secrets from the people whom you trust and who trust you is not a good practice. Keeping secrets usually increase the distances between the two individuals and even between the nations and the countries. Keeping the trust alive has been extremely beneficial for this world in the past and always will be good in the future. John. F. Kennedy was able to win the trust of his people and you still see wet eyes on his every death anniversary. Sharing of secrets strengthens the trust, but, there are some situations where you have to keep secret to be successful.


The secret recipes have been the cause of secret for some huge businesses. If you take the example of the world’s leading soft drink brand coca cola, its recipe is unknown to everybody in this world except a handful of employees. From 1886, when Dr. John Pemberton invented the recipe of coca cola, it has been still secret to the world. It was kept in a vault of Trust Company Bank until 2011 in Atlanta. Afterwards, it was shifted to a purposely built chamber in the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, Georgia.

Almost the similar story is related to the world’s leading fast food chain KFC. They also keep their secret recipe intact in a vault in KFC’s Louisville, Kentucky, headquarters. They take the ingredients from the two different companies unknown to each other that do not disclose the recipe even to the suppliers. If you have any such secret recipe or any other secret that you are afraid of losing, turn that secret in a soft copy and keep it locked in a digital locker with the help of software that can Lock Folders. There will be no threat to your secret whatsoever and it will never be revealed in front of the world.


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