The Miserable Situation of Data Security

There have been a number of information breach attacks throughout the years that became the headlines of the news story. But, there were about twice or thrice data breach incidents that just gone unnoticed. It means that there are many people that never get aware of the fact there information have been compromised.  A former federal prosecutor and founder of the online security company, Hemanshu Nigam said about this situation “What you are seeing is hackers gone wild”. He further said that if we do not stand up against this spreading disease, it may become incurable in the future. When a person’s information is compromised and he is aware of it, he just cannot do anything about except sitting and watching his accounts helplessly.

According to the reports of Privacy Rights Clearninghouse, more than 534 million social security numbers and financial account information has been leaked since 2005. In the previous year alone, there were more than 274 breach incident took place that affected 22 million personal records. Most of the leaked data contained email addresses. Seeing these statistics, there would hardly anybody whose information has been leaked.  The majority of data thefts is being performed for the sake of money, they try to extract out information about credit cards, bank account numbers or records that they can use to perform fraudulent acts.


This is such a vulnerable situation and nobody’s records are safe. Securing yourself from any horrifying situation is your core responsibility, using Folder Lock for the purpose would be a wise decision. Other than that, to keep yourself secure online, you have to maintain different usernames and passwords for each of the accounts you have. Setting up a strong password is another inevitable aspect of keeping your data secure. The leniency in setting up password is quite common and can be very brutal. The most common password that people set around the world is “123456” that shows the ignorance of the importance of data security.

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