Can I password-protect folder(s) on PC?

Without a doubt, internet and computers are one of man’s biggest achievements. Without information technology, you would still be filing files in a file cabinet, instead of saving them on your PC. Next, instead of uploading your images on facebook, you would be pasting them in your family album. So, with all these things in mind, it’s hard to comprehend that information technology is without flaws? Before we discuss the flaws of internet technology, let’s first discuss its history.

After the internet bubble busted in 2001, the IT sector is still recovering from the burst, though slowly – yet cautiously – growing again.  Accordingly, sales generated through e-commerce have grown by 26 percent in 2004. Website domain registration has also seen a spike, reaching a whopping 63.9 million registered domain nearing the end of 2013. Not surprisingly, with the rise of e-commerce also came a rise in e-crime.

Since 2001, complaints related to internet crime have tripled, according to an independent study conducted by an internet advocacy group. Therefore, if one uses the internet – or even a computer for that matter – he or she cannot expect to secure his or her privacy, regardless of being online or offline.


Why? Because no matter how careful you are at securing your personal information, chances are your personal images, files, folders, videos and general data might be saved in an unprotected state – given the fact that you have not utilized a data security tool.

But first, let’s discuss the importance of offline security.  When you go to the bathroom, do you leave the bathroom door open for others? How about, revealing your secret diary for everyone to read – how embarrassing would that be? Or perhaps tell your wife about your secret love affair – that would destroy your marriage for sure!

So why is data privacy any different? Well, it’s not. The problem is that people want to secure their data, they just don’t know how and with what? Although data can be created, manipulated and saved on computers, securing it has always been – and still is – a major dilemma.  Over time, software engineers and those desperate to secure their data have invented haphazard methods for securing their private files and folders, yet none of them offer reliable protection. Some of these tools are too complicated to use, others are riddled with security flaws – flaws that even a five year old child could crack. On the other hand, the most recent invention of software which can password-protect folder(s) has begun to change the dynamics of data privacy. Users can purchase such software which can password-protect any file or folder regardless of the file type. One can safely share his or her PC with others without having to worry about their secret information being discovered by accident or intentionally. With data security software, companies are able to secure their marketing secrets, human resources information, financial spreadsheets, budgets and source codes for software. Considering the fact that everyone has some sort of personal data stored on their computers – it should make perfect sense for people to safeguard their files and folders through data security software.

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