How to hide my secret folder from my wife?

Why men behave differently?

Men have needs; these needs cannot be suppressed as most women would like to believe.  Male hormones make men behave differently from women. Therefore, men cannot help themselves but stare at other women – regardless of their marital status.

Men do what comes naturally

Although, it’s unethical for married men to look at other women, it’s a perfectly natural behavior. In nature, males compete to mate with as many females as they possibly can. Thus, for man to simply stare at other women or even cheat on his mate is perfectly natural. By having sex with more women, he is fulfilling his natural instincts to further his birthright – though his wife would look at this in a different light altogether.

Bad effects of disloyalty

On the other end, a man also has to look at how his cheating would affect his marriage.  Therefore, most men keep their unfaithfulness a secret from their wives. However, stuff such as photos, videos and text messages can reveal their secret activities – resulting in divorces or breakups.

Difference between foolish men and smart men

 Most men avoid taking images and videos with their love affair – leaving nothing to chance. However, others are not too smart, and don’t think twice about taking naughty pictures with their lover using their phones. In addition, they carelessly send out text messages without encrypting them – increasing their chances of getting caught.   

How to avoid getting caught?

Taking naughty pictures with one’s secret love affair is not a bad thing, though getting caught doing it certainly is. So how does one not get caught by their wives? Well, it’s simple. All one has to do, is password protect files and folders. To get started, follow these instructions:


  1. Create a separate file with all images and videos you have taken with your love affair.
  2. Give the folder an unusual name, such win64xp or something of that nature (your wife certainly won’t bother looking inside this folder.)
  3. Save the file in an unusual location – somewhere your wife may not care to look – perhaps somewhere deep inside your document folder.
  4. Leave nothing to chance: make sure she never discovers this folder, to do this, hide, lock and password-protect your secret folder using software which acts as virtual File Lock. This will make sure that your folder cannot be discovered by anyone.

What is a file lock?

File lock is software which acts as a virtual safe for your PC; it is designed to protect all your private and confidential data.

For more information please visit:



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