Some Potential Risks to Your Data’s Security

Almost on the daily basis, we all enter our credentials on different websites for the sake of verification. But, about a decade before, the situation was quite different altogether. We used to think a million times before giving our contact information, credit card details and similar things. The reason was that we did not trust the credibility of the internet and we had a perception that this digital world is not safe enough. So, the scenario has changed? Has the digital world become safer than before? I really do not think so. What I think is that we might have become much ignorant of our security; we have been so busy in our other works that we are unable to give all these things the required thought.


The progress in the technology is easing the accessibility of data and making it more portable, but, it is also imposing some huge threats. Such as the relatively new entry in the computing that is the Cloud Computing is proving to be a blessing for those computer users that want to access their data remotely. But, on the other hand, it has made the problem regarding data security even more vulnerable. In a study done by 210 data security experts of 26 different countries, they figured out eight of the biggest problems concerning the cloud computing. They gave those vulnerabilities of the cloud computing as “The Evil 8”. The Evil 8 are:

  • Data loss from lost and stolen devices
  •  Information-stealing through mobile malware
  • Data loss through poorly written third-party applications
  • Weaknesses within devices, OS, design, and third-party designed applications
  • Unsecured hotspot connections plays a big role in data leakage
  • Unsecured marketplaces
  • Insufficient administration gears, capabilities, and access to APIs (includes personas)
  • NFC and proximity-based hacking


Keeping all this in mind, the businesses and all the individuals that have sensitive data saved in their database should use software that can Lock Files. But, cloud computing is not the only big issue regarding information security. The small data storing devices such as USB flash drive is also a huge threat regarding the protection of records. The principle of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a common principle and is being used widely in the business world these days. Where it boosts the productivity of the workers, it also puts our data at risk.


Nearly, 86 percent of the businesses allow the employees to bring their own device to work, the familiarity with the device help the employees to perform better. About 64 percent of the organizations do not restrict their employees from keeping any sort of program in their respective devices. Not more than 35 percent of the companies have any sort of Mobile Device Management plan to keep the principle of BYOD to operate securely.

Technology can either be a blessing to you or a curse; it all depends on the way you deal with it. It is your core responsibility to keep your online security intact. The incidents of data breach and scams are far more brutal than what you actually think of them.

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