How Can I Encrypt My Files and Folders

The tech world is full of different kinds of perils. Where the era of technology has made our life luxurious with a number of machines and gadgets, these machines and gadgets are the one that are responsible to make our lives miserable at times. One of those blessings is the freedom of saving as much information digitally as you please. But, this freedom of storing huge amount of data can become a curse if the information is not secured properly. The best way of securing data is encryption. There are different methods of encrypting files and folders.


Hashing Method

Hashing is a widely used method that is used to encrypt data. Well, actually, it is not really encryption, but, close it and it is quite handy in maintaining data’s security. Hashing creates separate fixed length signatures for each note or data set. The process of hashing gives each message or data set a specific identity. If anyone tries to alter the message or the set of data, it gets pretty easily tracked. Once the message or dataset is encrypted using the respective technique, it cannot be reversed or decrypted. But, as the procedure of hashing is relatively easy, it widely used all around the world.

Symmetric Method

There is another method of encrypting data that is called symmetric method. This method is also known as private-key cryptography. The reason that the symmetric method of encryption is known as private-key cryptography is that the key that is needed to encrypt and decrypt a message, data piece or file are remained secure. But, if anyone gets hold of the key, he/she can easily decrypt the message and the information that is secured with it will easily be compromised.

Asymmetric Method

Asymmetric is a different technique of encrypting data altogether as it requires two separate keys to encrypt files and folders and to decrypt files and folders. This technique is better for the sake of data’s security. It offers a single public key that is needed to encrypt the message, but, no unauthorized person can decrypt the message. This method is also highly used all over the world to encrypt data.


The above were some of the methods to encrypt your sensitive information. But, these techniques are difficult to apply and need some computer skill. But, there is no point of getting worried as there is data Encryption Software available on the market. Data is security is extremely necessary in this era of technology. If you will keep yourself indifferent from this issue, you might have to suffer quite a lot in the future.

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