Some of the Must Have Android Apps from Different Categories

I personally love using and exploring new applications of different platforms. When testing, I focus on different aspects of the applications that include its utility, usability and user interface. Here, I have tested a number of free apps of Android of different categories that include business, entertainment, tools, photography and medical and selected the best one from each category.


In the category of Business, File Manager (Explorer) is the app that I figured out as the best one in its class. The biggest positive of that is that it is offered in 28 different languages with spot on translation. It offers more than 80 different file types, toolbar and menu items. It compresses and decompresses files and has a search feature that enables the users to find their desired files easily. File Manager also has a built in documents and photo editor that is extremely handy. Above all, it supports the cloud storage whether it is Dropbox, Box, Google drive or any other cloud storage. To me, it is a must have app for business persons.



At the time of such rush, one hardly gets time for entertainment. Smartphone is the best source of entertainment today that can entertain you on the go. iFunny is such an app that can put cramps in your stomach by making you laugh so hard. The app provides you the best of funny pictures, GIFs and videos that you will on social media after ages. iFunny allows you to share all the fun with your social media friends. It is not all; this amazing app allows you to make your own funny pictures, GIFs and videos with no complexity at all. All in all, the app is a great source of fun.


Under the category of tools, the most magnificent app that I found is a data security app called Folder Lock. I have not seen any app with such comprehensive features. Usually, the security apps contain a couple of features, such as; they offer the locking and hiding of pictures or videos or something similar. But, Folder Lock allows the users to lock and hide their pictures, videos, documents, cards, contacts and anything you wish to hide. It has its video player, music player and photo viewer that allows you to view your media files in a secured environment. Even, the app offers you a feature of secure browser whose history remains secret and can only be seen within the app. PC/Mac feature of the app allows you to connect your Android device with PC or Mac with the help of just a WiFi connection and no cable is required. There are so many other features as well that you will find when you will use this miraculous app.


People are suffering from health issues these days and they do not have much of a time to discover which doctor has his/her OPD at what time. Well, if your case is similar to it, do not worry; I have a simple solution for you. I have discovered an app known as ZocDoc. All you have to do is to enter the zip code and insurance and you will be given a list of doctors and their time of availability. You can book an appointment without paying a single penny on your Android phone. The app is helpful for the residence of a number of states of America. This app is extremely useful for those that find difficulty in managing time for getting appointment with doctors. If you are one of them, just go and get it.


There will be hardly a person that uses smartphone and he has never used it for photography purpose. Since, people are becoming obsessed more and more regarding their pictures on social media, for the purpose, there are many photography apps available on the store that helps making photos better. Well, I have explored the best photography app that is Photo Editor by Aviary. It offers everything that is needed to beautify your pictures. The app allows its users to add frames and effects, manage color themes, crop and rotate, make the pictures blur or sharp and other similar features. Moreover, the app has a feature that enables the users to make customized meme that is trending on social media these days. People that are fond of photography and has an Android phone, they should give it a try.

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