Top 6 Apps for iPhone

How old are the existing apps on your iPhone? Chances are you may be bored with using the same old apps day-after-day. Luckily, the app store is in no shortage of great apps, one just has to know what he or she is looking for. However, many users are confused when it comes to picking out the right app. Nonetheless, I have narrowed down some of the most popular apps on the app store in their respective category. Therefore, without further delay, the following are some of the most popular apps on the app store:

Google Chrome:

Sorry safari users, but when it comes to faster, more dynamic browsing capabilities, Google chrome is the winner. One if its features which makes chrome so popular – making it also better than safari – is its feature known as “Omni box”. The “Omni box” is a feature which functions as a search bar and as a URL address bar – it’s a two in one feature which is simple, yet extremely practical to have on the iPhone.

Google Maps:

Google Maps has proven to be far more accurate than any other map application. It provides users with up to date turn-by-turn navigation whether you they are driving, walking or cycling. The app accurately predicts estimated arrival times, and users are able to simply rotate maps in vertical or horizontal mode by twisting the interface with their two fingers.

Health Tap:

The health tap app is the extension of the popular website The app can be an invaluable asset in case of medical emergencies, giving user the ability to access various healthcare professionals across the nation. Additionally, in case of an actual medical emergency, users can seek doctors’ advice from within the app – though it can cost you 99 cents per answer. Even considering the associated cost, medical advice coming from professional practitioners can be invaluable – especially during medical crisis.

Folder Lock:

When it comes to mobile security, the antivirus software comes to mind. However, there’s more to mobile security than just having reliable antivirus software. Consequently, there are apps which can actually hide and lock your images, videos and documents. Such apps are known as data security applications, and they are growing in popularity due to widespread theft of personal data – mainly extracted through lost or stolen iPhones. Although, there can a quite a few apps to choose from, one app with the most comprehensive features is Folder Lock for iPhone. Folder Lock password-protects the documents, images and videos you want to hide and lock from others. Thus, if you ever end up losing your iPhone, it is unlikely that your confidential data could be extracted by criminals without the correct password.


IMDB Movies and TV:

We all love movies, though sometimes deciding on which movie to watch at the cinema can be a chore in itself. Luckily, IMDB Movies and TV app makes it easier to decide on which movie to watch at the cinema. The app also lets you purchase tickets on to go – so, by the time you arrive at your local cinema – your tickets are already waiting for you. Finally, you can also create a personalized watch list of movies and TV shows.

Wikipedia App:

You are at the bar, and you just made a bet about an important fact. So, how do you prove yourself correct? Well, the Wikipedia app would certainly come in handy in such a scenario. We all need to look up important fact at least once a week, thus, the Wikipedia app can prove practical in such situations. In addition, the app displays results considerably faster, as compared to the actual website loading time on your iPhone’s browser.

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