Some Ways to Protect Your Data

There will hardly be a computer user that does not think that the data saved on his computer is the most valuable thing on it. Software, games and all other things can be reinstated on your computer, but, once your information saved on your PC/laptop gets corrupt or stolen, it can get on your nerves. That is why, it is necessary for you to protect your data and here are some of the ways to do it.

Save Data as You Work

First thing first, keep saving your data as you are working. If you keep working with an intention to save it at the end of your work, it might hurt as if your computer shuts down unexpectedly due to some reason, your work may get lost.

Maintain a Backup

Whenever you make a critical adjustment in your data, you need to make its backup. Keep a backup on your computer as well as keep your backup at some other place, may be in portable drive, on cloud or in other computers.

Be Careful While Opening Unknown Email Attachments

There can be deadly viruses in email attachments that can harm your PC and can affect your data as well. If you have automated system of opening email attachments, disable it. Whenever you open an attachment, do not forget to scan it with some antivirus software. E-criminals are using emails at large for their benefits; they send malicious links or files via email and people to click it. These infectious links or files give safe passage to hackers to your database.

Avoid Using Unknown Portable Drives

Portable drives are quite handy in making data mobile. But, it is also responsible for many issues regarding data security. Portable drives like USB flash drives are prone to getting lost or stolen that can compromise your data’s security. Other than that, people tend to plug in unknown flash drives or insert unfamiliar disks in their computers that impose some real threat to your information saved digitally.

Use Encryption Software

Using Encryption Software for the sake of data security is must. It provides the much needed security to your information that is hard for the hackers to break through. Backing up your secured data is such a blessing. There is no doubt that using data encryption software that gives you a sigh of relief and the precious peace of mind.


Set up Strong Password for Data Protection

Setting up strong passwords is extremely important to keep your data protected. People seem to neglect the importance of setting up strong password and opt for silly passwords like ‘123456’ or ‘qwerty’ or their name or data of birth and etc. There are some guidelines that are to be followed while setting up a password. You have to make a complex combination of lower and uppercase letters with numbers and symbols. A password that is easy to remember, but hard to guess is a strong password.

Protect Data from Physical Theft

Your data is at risk of physical theft, a USB flash drive that is as small as a nail of a human thumb can store data terabytes. A person can easily walk away with all your information saved on that USB drive, so it is necessary that you take steps that can secure physical theft of your data.

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