The Worst Situation of Data Security

As the threat of data breach is increasing day by day, so there is nothing surprising that the previous year was the worst year with respect to data security issue. There were a number of information breach incidents that became the headlines of news every now and then. Many famous organizations were hit by data breach incidents that cost them the loss of revenue as well as the loss of goodwill. In the majority of the cases, the reason of such breaches was the weak measures to secure their records and insiders of the businesses hurt them as they do not have any protection through software that could Secure USB drives.


Here are some of the horrifying statistics from 2013.

The companies’ databases are constantly attacked by the cyber criminals and a successful breach may result in a loss of $300k for the company. This sum is definitely scary. But, hackers are not the only source or reason of data breach, human error contributes a huge part in it. In the past year, almost two-third of the information leakage incidents were caused by human error and on an average, it cost $160 per record.

The healthcare sector suffered the costliest of breaches. The average price per record in the healthcare sector was nearly about $233 that is extremely expensive and surely would have hurt the sector a lot. It was also the second most targeted sector with 24 percent of the total data breach incidents just behind the financial sector that contributed about 37 percent of the compromised records.

The superpower that is technologically leading the world could not take any actions against the online hackers. The United States of America have been targeted most by the hackers and more than about 50 percent of the records have been extracted out from the USA. After the United States of America, UK is the second most harmed country in the world with 8 percent of the breaches.

In terms of the number of records, Australia is the country that had leaked the most number of records. Australia leaked more than thirty four thousand and the US stands in the second position with nearly twenty nine thousand records compromised.

There are different tricks and techniques that are being used by data thieves to steal data. They bully ordinary and professional computer users in different ways. Sometimes they send emails in bulk to computer users equipped with infectious links and files that infect your computing device and give hackers a way to your database. Users need to be aware of the techniques that hackers use to extract out their information. They need to be aware of the threats imposed on your data security and the risk associated with the leakage of information.

Remember, not only businesses are on the target of data thieves.  In fact, hackers have now become smarter and they go for the low hanging fruit. They know that it is easier to steal individuals’ data and there is very low risk attached to it. Every piece of information is useful and can benefit the hackers and can hurt the user. So be smart and keep your data safe.

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