Some Guidelines to Secure Data from the Insider Threat

The insider threat to data security is increasing at a rapid pace and it is becoming worse day by day. All the organizations and business persons should be aware of the threat and take proper measures to deal with it. But, many of the business persons are unaware of the kind of risk it imposes on their data security. Here are some guidelines that will help you in knowing the risk that insider employees impose on your information.

Conduct Audit of IT Security

In order to carry on successful business operations, companies have to trust people and at the same time have to keep an eye over their activities. Maintaining this balance of trust and spying them is a difficult job. Companies should look to protect their database similarly as they secure it from the outside threat. Companies need to assess overall infrastructure of their database and find out all the information that needs extreme security. Businesses should make an estimate of the loss that likely to occur if a data breach incident takes place by the employees and also establish an emergency plan that is to be executed in such situation.


Educate Employees about the Importance of Data Security

Usually, employees are involved in many activities that are injurious to data security. The main reason of such lenient behavior of the employees is the lack of awareness regarding data security. Companies should educate their employees and make them aware of the acts that can compromise the sensitive information about the business. Companies have to make some strong policies of regarding securing their data and communicate them well to the employees.

Keep an on Flow of Data

Only authorized workers should specific piece of information that is necessary for him to complete his given task. Keep an eye on data that who is using what data. By keeping an eye on the flow of information, when an incident of data breach occurs, the company will be able to know who the culprit is. Similarly, keep tracking the use of portable drive and use software like USB Block to make sure that an unauthorized worker does not get able to plug in his portable drive to steal records.

Block the Access of Ex Employees to the Business’ database

Many of the companies keep a lenient behavior towards blocking the access of former employees to their database by not deactivating their accounts or by not changing the login information. Former employees look to access their old employer’s database and extract out information in search of the latest happening. This can benefit him/her if he/she communicate the information to their current employer. A new idea or a new list of clients can benefit any business.

Companies need to observe what kind of emails, forum postings or instant messages are sent by their employees. These are some of the mediums through which information can be compromised intentionally as well as unintentionally by the employees of a company. Keep a check on what kind of documents are being printed as data can be breached in the shape of hard copy as well. These are some of the measures that companies should take in order to make their records secure.

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