The Threat from Digital Pickpockets

When somebody becomes a victim of data theft, especially when his or her credit card details are extracted out and used fraudulently, he/she thinks how pickpockets can be facilitated to commit their crime without even getting close to any risk. The pickpockets that can steal your credit cards or debit card information are functioning from the cyber world. The creator of this cyber world definitely had no intention to assist criminals in committing crimes; they just wanted to make people’s life easier. But, the fact is that every road can drive a person to heaven as well as to hell.


The technology of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) that was developed to provide comfort to people has already left about more than 140 million people at financial risk. The basic purpose of RFID was to make the payments easier; all you have to do is to wave the card in front of the RFID detecting machine. The founder of RFID himself said that this technology is like you are walking in a huge crowd and you are near everybody’s back pocket wallet.  If a person digitally gets that near to your RFID, all your information will appear on the screen. This is the biggest disadvantage of this technology.

A person that wants to turn himself into a potential thief is to get a credit card reader that he can easily buy for just $100 from anywhere. The online thieves find no difficulty in gathering tons of contact numbers, emails and similar credentials that can help performing fraudulent activities. Securing your credentials is your basic responsibilities. If you have your credit card information saved in your computer, make sure that you secure it by using software that can Lock Folders. The other thing that you must take into your account that does not make your lives easier at the expanse of facilitating crooks to perform their activities.

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