Data Breach Incidents, What Causes it?

The incidents of data breach have recently become headlines on many occasions. These data breach cases were the outcomes of hacking activities, back door entries by data thieves, use of vulnerable applications and even data theft activities of spies. These were some of the ways that these unpleasant incidents occurred. According to the Verizon RISK team, no student, housewife or a business personal was safe. Every sort of information, no matter belonged to whom was and is at risk of getting leaked. Online data thieves or the ones that do it physically are looking for data that is not secured with security software like Folder Lock.


There can be a number of reasons of stealing data. The online criminals usually get their way into people’s database so that they can make some money through it by selling information or by performing fraudulent activities. The cyber crooks usually look for easy target that can benefit them without facing some big risks. However, some of the professional hackers look to get the sensitive information of some specific individuals and companies even though the information is secured respectably. They somehow find their way into their database and extract out the intended information.

Hacking is the most lethal of attacks that can compromise your information as it is responsible for 52 percent of the breaches. However, malware and physical skimming are not much behind as  it contributes 40 percent and 35 percent respectively. However, apart from the outside threats, businesses face a huge insider threat that can compromise their information. Employees are responsible for a huge amount of information leakage. That is why Verizon has advised computer users to not to treat every threat equally and take measures as per the danger it imposes. Securing your records against hacking attacks or malware will not give your data foolproof security as there is a huge risk of insider data theft that you cannot deny.

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