Blessings that Android Users Enjoy, but, iPhone Users Don’t

Apple has surely introduced some new features in their latest member of iPhone family, i.e. iPhone 5S, but, still they are too far behind Android’s innovation. The features that Apple has included in their new iPhone, Google has introduced the similar features in previous editions of Android. The fact is that, Apple has not yet meet the creativity of Android. iPhone is not yet able to give its users the great experience of watching videos on their smartphone like Android due to its small screen size. The latest iPhone has the screen of just 4 inch, whereas, Android phones have the variation from 4.3 inch screen of Droid RAZR M to 5.5 inch screen of Galaxy note II, which makes video watching a fun experience. Other than the lacking of screen size, iPhone also lacks some other features such as:

Micro USB Port

If you are an irresponsible or careless person, you would get annoyed with the iPhone. The reason is that, you just cannot afford to lose its USB cable, or its charger. Apple’s iPhone has a particular port for connecting the iPhone to the PC or Mac and also to get it charged, rather than the Android devices that have the standard micro USB Port. If you lose a data cable or charger of your Android device, you can buy it from any other shop, whereas, losing your iPhone is a thing to worry. If you change your Android device, there is no need to buy new accessories for it. On the other hand, 45 percent of the people who upgrade their version of iPhone buy new accessories.


The Choice of Keyboard

For the users of the iPhone, there are some choices for regarding the keyboards. The choices depend on the stock that iOS have. But, the users of Google’s Operating System have a huge variety of third party keyboards that are available on Google Play. Either you can opt for the keyboard as per your convenience or you can go to a hardware that has real sliding keyboard such as Motorola Droid 4.

Pen Support

When touch screen was first introduced, the devices were operated with the help of a small pen. But, iPhone never took the services of that small fan; in fact, it was probably the first touch screen gadget that was operated without the pen. Some people are very fond of operating smartphones with the pen. By the use of that, the user can do the manual writing and graphics work better as compared to using a finger. iPhone users that use that small pen, but, only the basic versions, which is a drawback.

Android is a quite user friendly and this user friendliness exposes the user’s data to some huge risks. In order to prevent these blessings from turning into a curse, you ought to use Folder Lock for Android that is equipped with all necessary weapons to counter the data breach threats. Android is better than Apple’s iPhone in numerous of ways and the experience should not get bitter for the user due to security drawbacks.

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