Data is everything

People in the developing world lead a fulfilling, more relaxed life. They don’t have to worry about getting up in the morning, trying to beat the morning rush. They can get up whenever they want and plow their crop fields, and they get a workout without paying for gym membership. They don’t have to worry about upgrading to the latest iPhone 6 versions or Samsung Galaxy S5. In fact, they have no such use for smart phones – considering majority are uneducated and work in the fields. Next, they don’t have to worry about their careers as most of them engage themselves in monotonous tasks that require little or no skill. As a result, these folks in the developing world suffer less stress and live more fulfilling lives. For the rest of – living in the developed world – our lives have become unnecessarily complicated. We can’t just uproot our complicated lives and go live out in the woods – living off the land and be one with nature – we would be considered outcasts of society. Thus, we have to upgrade to the latest iPhone because it has new features which can improve our productivity, and we need to buy that certain car because it has the latest self-parking feature. Our society has turned our wants into needs – and it is showing no sign of stopping.   In a nutshell, although technology is making things easier for us, it is also making us lazier and complicating our lives.


Out of all modern concerns, one that has really worried mankind has to do with data. Data above all, is the most valuable thing people fear losing or being stolen.  People’s personal and professional lives are encapsulated in their data. Modern times call for modern means of saving information. Information today can be found in the form of images, videos, word documents, database files such as Microsoft access and the list goes on – and the use of paper based information is virtually non-existent. Therefore, in order to stay productive, we must utilize the various technological tools in order to maintain our standard of living and the rapid pace of progression we are all use to. Hackers, e-terrorists and identity thieves are all after data, and it doesn’t matter where it comes from – be it from individuals or organizations. Stolen data can be used to conduct identity fraud, immigration fraud, commit felonies or black-mail government and individuals. The time has come to secure data, but finding means of securing data is a complicated matter for most. Some users have opted for cloud storage – its encrypted security and remote availability insures that your data is not physically present on your PC. However, sometimes you need to have receptive data saved on a physical hard-drive. This means that you have to somehow encrypt that data. For such purposes, individuals should utilize software which can encrypt existing data on their PCs and organizations should utilize software which can block data leaks – such as company secrets. One such great example of such software has to be USB Block which is the most comprehensive of all data leak prevention software.

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