Three Ways In Which Flash Drive Compromise Data Security

USB flash drive is the most used portable data storing device all around the globe. Its invention has really made data mobile and anybody can roam around with his or her data. A small USB flash drive that can be as small as a nail of a human thumb can store information in terabytes that is simply amazing. But, still, USB flash drive is not totally a blessing as it imposes a huge risk to users’ records saved in it. There are three common ways through which information can be leaked by a flash drive.


  1. As USB flash drives are extremely small in size, it is very much prone to getting lost or stolen. The amount of information a small thumb drive store is threatening as an unsecured flash drive can spill out all the information. There is almost no built in security measure in an ordinary USB drive that can help you in keeping information protected.
  2. Another way of leaking information is by stealing it using USB flash drive as a weapon. You must be aware of the Edward Snowden’s act in which he just plugged in his flash drive and walk away with all the sensitive information of the National Security Agency (NSA). Due to the small size of it, anyone can carry it into your office or home and plug it into your PC to save information on it and walk away carrying all the information.
  3. Hackers are well aware of the fact that the majority of the computer users plugs into the unknown USB drive into their PC that they found abandoned somewhere. Usually, employees harm the office network by plugging in an infected flash drive that is deliberately dropped by hackers somewhere around the office. The malware once entered into the PC, it gives a secure passage to hackers to reach the database.

The threat mentioned in the bullet number one can be neutralized if data security software is used. However, there is a proper and easy remedy for the point number two and three that is USB Block. It will not allow any unauthorized flash drive to function on a PC. It gives significant protection against data leakage through USB flash drives.

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