Rules to follow after suffering a data leak

Data breaches have become a common concern amongst companies; usually it’s an insider who was responsible for leaking sensitive, classified and critical company data. Often times, once an organization suffers a data breach, it can trigger panic and suspicion amongst company stakeholders and owners. Nonetheless, once the data is gone, there’s not much an organization can do. However, to make sure it never happens again, the following proactive steps should be taken immediately:

The first rule is to make sure you disclose the data leak as soon as possible. Delaying it can further deteriorate the situation, as those affected by the data leak may not be able to take corrective actions in order to protect their identity and personal information. In addition to that, company shareholders may view the cover-up as incompetence and your company could lose shareholders – and this happens in the best case scenarios.

Rule number two, disclose the truth and nothing but the truth. If you provide false information to your stakeholders or shareholders, the truth will eventually get out. Therefore, speak the truth before dishonesty destroys the reputation of your company.

Third rule, encrypt all confidential information that is considered sensitive. If confidential company data is lying about, and anyone is able to access it. You should take immediate action and encrypt it ASAP. There is plenty of reliable encryption software purpose built for enterprises – and they won’t poke a hole in pocket – unlike custom built ones.


Control sensitive data; determine who get access to what and how. You cannot withhold all sensitive information from your employees, and at times they have to access secret company information. Therefore, having control over access of receptive company information can be tricky. Nonetheless, software such as USB Block is purpose built, so that you can control your data on your terms.

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