Some Interesting Facts Regarding Data Breach Notification

Data security is such a complex issue, securing the information is a big issue, whereas, notifying about the data breach is also a point of worry. Almost every state in the USA has different rules and laws regarding the notifications. An incident of information breach can really harm your business a lot. As the leakage of personal information can push the company to face a number of lawsuits from the customers, stakeholders and penalties can also be imposed by the government. That is why it is necessary to Password Protect Folders, so that no such incident can occur and businesses would stay safe from such hazardous losses.

Here are some of the interesting facts regarding the notification plan of different companies and laws of data breach in different states.

One response plan would not help every business

Some organizations think that they can adopt the response plan from another organization and they will be ready to face the music. However, it is just their misconception. Organizations of the same nature, situated in different states simply need to prepare their own plan as rules and laws regarding data leakage vary from state to state. Companies need to develop a response plan that can satisfy the law of the state as well as give relief to their stakeholders.


The definition of “Personal Information” may also differ from state to state

There are a variety of things that can be considered as personal information. It can include first and last name, email accounts, social security number, driver’s license number and other similar records depending on the definition of personal information in the law of the respective state.

The medium of notification

When an incident of information breach is occurred, the business needs to notify its customers. Some states in the USA force the company to send a written notification to its clients via email or letter via post. In some states, a company that has suffered a data breach incident needs to take permission from the state to send the notification via email. Interestingly, the state of Wisconsin does not allow businesses to notify their customers through emails.

The definition of data breach also varies

It is not necessary that every information leakage is treated as an incident of breach and companies bound to follow all those protocols. An incident of data leakage is determined as an incident of a data breach with respect to the severity of the danger it imposes on customers’ information. But, no matter what kind of information a business suffers, it should be taken seriously. Some of the states force the companies to notify the stakeholders as soon as an incident occurs, on the other hand, some states give some leniency to the companies and allow them to first gauge the severity of the breach and then notify accordingly.

Whenever a business is victimized of data breach, it needs to act promptly and take proper measures in order to keep their stakeholders’ protected from loss and with respect to the law of the state. If sensitive records of a business are compromised, it surely makes the business suffer.

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