IT Experts are Not Much Security Proficient

You will probably admire the IT professionals that they are very well aware of the information security threats and they might never get hit by an information breach incident. But, this is just your perception or I must say your misconception. You will be amazed to know that the people whom you look up to for data security concerns are the ones who just preach, not practice.  The majority of the information technology experts plugs in the unknown USB flash drives into their computer that they find somewhere abandoned in the public place or anywhere else.

A survey conducted at the RSA conference last year revealed the jaw dropping fact that IT experts, they are not the best data security practitioners. Almost 78 percent of the experts accepted that they will plug in a strange USB flash drive into their computer if they find it lying somewhere. Irrespective of the fact that they must be well aware of the threats that are related to such act of them, they will not back off from plugging in. The reason of this irresponsible deed would be nothing, but, curiosity.


Similarly, the Department of Homeland Security started a test in which they deliberately dropped some flash drives in the parking lot of the government building. Some of those portable drives born logo on it and some of them did not. Nearly 60 percent if the USB flash drives that had not had an authorized logo on them were picked up by the employees. On the other hand, almost all the drives that had a logo on it were picked up and about 90 percent of them were plugged into the computers. That is the point where software that can Block USB comes handy. Hackers use these portable drives to infect users’ PC and find a way into their database. So make sure, you ever plug in any unknown USB drive in your PC.

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