Your Smartphone is at the Target of a Burglar

Smartphones are one of the precious commodities that people carry around. With the increasing craze of using the latest and most equipped smartphone has benefited the street burglars as they have many opportunities to steal dear phones and cell them ahead. One needs to be extremely careful while roaming with his/her smartphone as his/her phone can be on the target of a pickpocket or some other crook wandering in the streets, public places on in public transport. You might be astonished to know the statistics of stolen phone of stolen smartphones last year.

The law enforcement agency could not do much to prevent smartphones thefts as in San Fransisco, the rate of smartphone theft has been increased by 23 percent. As per the reports, 2,400 smartphones were looted by the thieves in 2013. Moreover, in New York, 8,465 only Apple’s devices were stolen in the previous year that is mind boggling. The capital of the USA was not safe either, there was a 6 percent increase in the cell phone theft last year, whereas, Denver’s citizen observed that they are being the victim of smartphone theft 22 percent more than the previous year. The more interest is related with Philadelphia, where 500 were pinched from their users in just public transport, which is an increase of 44 percent in the span of just two years.


The hazard of losing smartphones to the thieves and crooks is not just in terms of losing a pricey device, it involves other risks as well in terms of data leakage. Smartphones are capable of storing and processing every kind of data and people make the most of it. Apart from that, even if someone has not stored something confidential in it, but, it must have contained some pictures, maybe of family, friends or someone special. Windows Phone has a great reputation for providing flawless camera result, you will surely not want any burglar to see those photos, to serve the purpose, make sure you protect them using Folder Lock for Windows Phone. Your smartphone may be on the target of a pickpocket, make sure you just lose the device, not your loved memories.

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